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DC Shoes

I’m selling these DC shoes. I really love these shoes but its just not my style. I bought them on impulse Dx

• at most, I’ve worn them 4 times.
• pretty much new, no scuffs
• US size 7
• will be shipped in a box (I dont have the original shoebox)
• ask for shipping cost (should be around $20 to anywhere)
• I accept paypal
• more pictures upon request!

I got these for $120USD so I’m selling these for $80USD $65USD now! (excl. shipping + pp fees).

Thanks for looking!

WTB: BTSSB Rococo Rose JSK & Babydoll JSK

。I'm located in Canada. It's be nice if you can quote the shipping also :]
。Please include price in your comment.
My Feedback

Rococo Rose JSK in Ivory/White

Thanks for looking!

My Demise

Okay, maybe DEMISE is a strong word.
But that's how I've been feeling these past few days.

About 2 months ago, I found my dream dress up for sale as a set in the colour I wanted.
I looked at it everyday.
Every single day.

I didn't buy it.
I just couldn't bring myself to spend money.
I hold on to my money like dear life.
Y'know. Asians like me.

I didn't buy it.
I looked at it everyday.
I wrote about it in my diary.
I daydreamed about it.
I still got jealous of anyone that had it.
I was a total mess.

Just a week ago, someone asked if it was still available.
The seller said sale was pending.

I freaked.

I moped around.

I whined.

I got depressed.

It felt like I've just fallen into a dark pit.

Maybe I'm exaggerating.
Or too dramatic.

The set wasn't that expensive.
$340 for the JSK, socks, headbow, and wrist cuffs.
I mean, where else am I going to find my dream dress as a set in the right colour.

(It was a Angelic Pretty Wonder Cookie print, by the way.)

So, now, I'm still moping around.
I don't know what I'm waiting for.
I really want it.
It's just...I don't know if it's worth it

But, the thing is, my parents don't approve.
"When are you going to wear it?"
"What use does it have?"
"You should concentrate on your studies."

I don't have a job.

I'm just making up excuses for myself not to get it.
Why do I do this to myself.


Any advice?
Save me from this standstill my mind is in?

Wishlist <3

This is my wishlist! (in no particular order)

*SETS PLEASE! If not, at least the matching headbow (if it's one of the pieces i'm looking for)*

【Holy Night Story】
《Navy, Pink, Red》
- Switching JSK 
- Mini Top Hat 
- Headbow - Skirt

【Wonder Cookie】
《Dark Blue》
- Bustier JSK
- Wristcuffs
- Headbow
- Tea Pot (Cookie) Necklaces

【Triple Tart】
- JSK (Tiered)
- Headbow

【French Cafe】
《Blue, Red, Pink》
- OP
- Headbow
- Parka 《White》

【Fantasic Dolly】

【Chess Chocolate】
《Ivory, Pink》
- Skirt
- Salopette 《Brown》
- Headbow
- Royal Chocolate Cuffs
【Birdcage Princess】
- OP

【Star Night Theater】
《Blue, Black》
- Bare Back JSK 

【Wonder Story】
- Apron Skirt
- Headbow

 Salopettes? ALL OF THEM.

【BabyDoll JSK】
《Black, Pink》

【Hem Scalloped JSK with Pearl Chain】

【Chained Berry Memoir】
《Strawberry Milk, Soda Candy, Milk Tea》
 - Jenny JSK
 - Headbow

【Ribbon Scallop】

【Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale 】
《White Chocolate》

【Cherry Cherry Fallin‘ Cherry】
《White, Mint, Pink》
- Ribbonetta JSK

《Pink, Blue》
- OP

【Ribbon Ribbon】
《White, Pink》
- OP

《White, Off-White, Black》
- OP

【Rose Pattern Lace Doll】
- OP

【Hawase Doll】
《Pink, Black, White》
 - OP

【Nostalgic Chessboard】
《Navy, Black》
- Frill JSK
- Headpiece

【Shirring Frill JSK】

【Moonlight Night】
- OP

【Swan Lake】
- Ribbon Tulle OP

Others: Putumayo
- Check Frill W OP with Collar 《Red, Grey》
- Amusement Park 2way OP 《BlackxPurple, BlackxGold》
Alice & the Pirates
- Victorian Card JSK 《Black》
- Operetta Bouquet JSK 《Green, Ivory》




> I ship from Vancouver, BC 
>My Feedback

》I've only worn this once, but it's like new :]《
》Size m on Bodyline《

Stock Photo (the black one):

My Photos:


(back, shirred)

(lace and ribbon at the end of the tie)

My strawberry cake will be my proof:

(i have the original pakaging :D)
What I'm looking for:
【Angelic Pretty Replicas】
- Fantastic Dolly JSK(purple)
- Milky Planet OP/JSK (black or purple)
- Sugary Carnival JSK (black or purple)
- L299(any colour)
- L303 (any colour)
- L343 (pink or purple)
- L314 (any colour)
【Anything Really Sweet in Black】

Thanks for looking :D